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Aerologic Solutions delivers only the highest quality aerial data to meet your projects needs.

By utilizing the latest in drone (UAV) technology, we are able to provide perspectives that would previously be impossible without the aid of manned aerial equipment.

In combination with the most cutting-edge software offerings on the market we are able to produce and deliver a myriad of solutions for your projects.


**Please note that all below pricing is subject to change (increase or decrease) based on the frequency of flights, size of project (acres), and desired deliverables. The pricing listed below is base pricing which is applicable to most jobs**

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Construction Progression Package (Photo Only)

  • Up to 50 Edited and Watermarked Photos

  • Photos Taken From Same Location Each Time

  • Optional Timelapse Created from Photos (additional charge)

  • All Photos Hosted on Private Password Protected Webpage



Construction Progression Package (w/Panoramic Photo)

  • Edited Orbital Aerial Video with Close-Up Shots (Watermarked w/ Your Company Logo)

  • Edited and Color Corrected Aerial Photos (up to 25 Watermarked Photos)

  • Top-Down Orthomosaic Map of Project (w/Comparision Slider)

  • 360 Degree Panoramic Photo

  • All Content Hosted on Private Password Protected Webpage 


CutFill Overview_edited.jpg

Drone Earthworks Analysis

  • Aerial Site Scan and Digital Surface Model Creation

  • Removal of all Non-Terrain Objects

  • Creation of Digital Proposed Grading Surface from Contours, Points, Breaklines, etc.

  • Cut/Fill Map and Volume Calculations of Site

  • Cut/Fill Map Tracking Volumes from Flight to Flight

  • Stockpile Measurements and PDF Report (up to 5)


Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 9.02.30 AM.png

Drone LiDAR Topographic Survey

  • Localization to Any Existing Site Control Points

  • Aerial LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Scan of Site

  • Removal of All Non-Ground Surface Objects

  • 2' Contours Generated from Filtered Point Cloud

  • Aerial Orthomosaic Map of Surveyed Area

  • All Contours Delivered in Shapefile or DXF Formats

$10,000/Flight (up to 100ac.)

$15,000/Flight (up to 200ac.)

Inquire for Over 200ac.

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 10.11.36 AM.png

As-Built Survey

  • Drone Orthomosaic Map of Existing Site Conditions

  • Linework Extraction of all Desired Features (Curb, Gutter, Building, Sidewalk, etc.)

  • Utility As-Built Survey

  • Topographic Contours and Spot Elevations

  • Stamped and Certified by Licensed Land Surveyor

Inquire for Pricing


Custom Packages Available

  • Build a Custom Package to Meet Your Project's Needs

  • Utilize 3D Modeling, Photo/Video, LiDAR, Surveying Services, and More to Increase Efficiency

  • Drafting Services Available

Inquire for Pricing and Customization



Davis Engineering & Surveying, LLC (DES) is a comprehensive firm providing a full range of land surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and environmental services.

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